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Please feel free to contact any of us. We'd love to exchange any information. I will only put people on this page with their permission and I will remove any reference at anyone's request.

Part of the reason for placing a page out on the world wide web was to take the time to communicate with other "Trebacz" families around the world. In the United States of America there are only two or three Trebacz families in the entire country.

Our family has always been interested in our roots (genealogy). This page attempts to communicate similar information to other people with the same last name across the world. To give something back to the world wide web community.

Trebacz's who have traded e-mail with our family:

Kaz, Hanna, Bartek, Olenka ("Aleskandra"), and Piorun (their dog "Thunderbolt") Trebacz.

They reside in Poland. You may e-mail Hanna at trebacz@panaceum.am.lublin.pl .

My known relatives on the web:

Mark (my brother), Barb, and Mat Trebacz..... in Washington, Missouri, USA. Their home page .

Steve (my brother), Marilyn, Michael, and Daniel Trebacz..... in Decatur, Illinois, USA. Their home page .

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