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Meet the Family: David, Wendi, Allison, Corte, ? (our Australian Shepherd), and Figi (Allison's Bichon Poodle).

Recent news...

Allison Trebacz graduates high school at  Marian Central Catholic -next it's onto Drake in Des Moines in the fall.

The McHenry Trebacz's got a new Australian Shepherd Puppy and he's pretty cute.

Allison's full size photostream slideshow on Flickr

For all the Marian Central baseball pictures I've taken  - check out the Trebacz Picture Gallery on Picasa or my Trebacz picture gallery on Google plus. If you want the full resolution picture - just send me an email with the picture number.

Guestbook and Weather
Look at the current weather and radar loop in the Fountain Hills area.
Look at the weather radar loop in the Mchenry area.
Sign the guestbook if you like what you see?
Live Fountain Hills's weather camera view from the front of our house looking at the McDowell mountains.
Past 2 weeks time lapse Trebacz weather cam. Approximately 10 minute video - Pretty hefty mpg video download with one frame every 2 minutes for two weeks. Here's a smaller  mp4 time lapse version.   Here is a embedded flash version that will play right in your browser.
Family Stuff
Missed some of the past weeks on the house building? -New house week by week.
Old family vacations or Trebacz Family Party Archive.
Want to send the family some email at home ? or at work ?
Want to see Dave's company's web site ?
Other Trebacz's Web stuff
Contact list of other Trebacz family's around the world !
Top ten reasons to be a Trebacz!
Read all about my sister Dr. Sandy Schable's mission in Kenya and her Upper Cervical International Newsletter.
My  brother Mark Trebacz is reworking his website. The new address is www.trebacz.net.
Want to buy some great Decatur memorabilia? Check out my other brother Steve and Marilyn Trebacz's  site at www.decaturmemories.com. Need some stained glass supplies, they also have the www.glasshousestore.com website.

Coming Attractions!

Wendi's page (still waiting to get just the right picture for the web).

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